About Us


Since 2010, L-Arginine Complete has been providing the highest quality L-Arginine/L-Citrulline product on the market to doctors and wholesale partners, successfully bringing a wide variety of benefits to their patients. Many of those who have been fortunate enough to have L-Arginine Complete recommended to them by health professionals have also provided valuable feedback, sharing the unexpected positive results that L-Arginine Complete has added to their lives.

We create our products in a GMP certified facility, which received its certification through the NSF (The highest quality certification you can receive). Our labels are 100% transparent with no proprietary blends because we want the end consumer to know exactly what they are getting and putting into their body.  Our product is formulated under the guidance of highly qualified chemists, nutritionists and researchers.  Ingredients used in L-Arginine Complete have clincial trials backing their effectiveness.  Simply put, the products work!