What Are The Doctors Saying

L-Arginine is an Amino Acid that produces Nitric Oxide in the body. The Nitric Oxide softens arteries, increases blood flow, creating more energy, better immunity to infections, and making men and women feel younger. Men and women who have tried L-Arginine Complete will agree that Nitric Oxide Vitamin Supplements are vital to their health and performance.

L-Arginine converts to Nitric Oxide in the body which may possibly help in the fight against heart disease and stroke by:

  • Expanding Blood Vessels
  • Controlling Platelet function
  • Reducing arterial plaque
  • Lowering total cholesterol

Medical Published clinical studies have proven scientifically that NO created by arginine will do the following:

  • Widen the blood vessels (Increasing blood flow throughout the body)
  • Soften the blood vessels (reversing the hardening of the arteries)
  • Relax the blood vessels (overcoming most high blood pressure)
  • Inhibit and melt away plaque (preventing and reversing atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease)
Dr. Louis Ignarro Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1998) and author of the book, “No More Heart Disease”

“Though NO’s structure is simple, nitric oxide is now regarded as the most significant molecule in the body, absolutely crucial to your well-being. I am convinced that the nitric oxide can age-proof your cardiovascular system, keeping it much fitter than your chronological age would indicate.”

“Repairing the damage wrought by cardiovascular disease without risky and often ineffective surgery had long been considered impossible. I was awarded the noble prize in Medicine for making that thinking obsolete. Now we know we can reverse Cardiovascular impairment naturally-with the body’s internally manufactured “wonder drug”. nitric oxide.”


Dr. John Cooke Director of Vascular Medicine at Stanford University. Author of the book “The Cardiovascular Cure”

“This book will introduce you to the magic that is inside your blood vessels. It comes in the shape of the molecule, one of the simplest molecules found in nature. This molecule is nitric Oxide, or NO, a substance so powerful that it can actually protect you from heart attack and stroke. Best of all, your body can make it on its own. NO is your body’s own built-in, natural protection against heart disease.”


Dr. Robert Fried PH.D and Woodson Merrell, M.D. Co-Authored the book “The Arginine Solution”

“It does everything, everywhere. You cannot name a major cellular response or physiological effect in which [nitric oxide] is not implicated today. It’s involved in complex behavioral changes in the brain, airway relaxation, beating of the heart, dilation of blood vessels, regulation of intestinal movement, function of blood cells, the immune system, even how fingers and arms move.”


Dr. Jonathan S Stamler M.D. Practicing Endocrinologist

“In the field of medicine and health it is one of the revolutions of our time: The discovery that the amino acid arginine may be a “Magic Bullet” for the cardiovascular system. Now, as the evidence amounts, including research that own the Nobel Prize in Medicine, more and more scientist and doctors see the extraordinary health benefits of increasing arginine intake. A virtual arterial cleanser, arginine helps eliminate blockage and maintain blood flow.”


Dr. Joe Prendergast PH.D and Woodson Merrell, M.D. Co-Authored the book “The Arginine Solution”

“I believe that L-Arginine is the single most important discovery in the preventing heart disease that I have seen during the course of my medical career. Of course, there are many treatments for heart disease, but I haven’t seen anything as affective.”

“We cannot ignore the power of L-Arginine any more. Heart Disease is the number one killer in our country for both men and women. The main factors are arteriosclerosis, hardening of the arteries, and atherosclerosis, buildup on the arterial lining. L-Arginine reverses both problems.”


It works for me and my NFL players!

“I proved L-Arginine Complete’s effectiveness by taking it myself for 60 days.  I now buy large quantities monthly to sell to my patients.  It has been an amazing product for both myself and my patients, including several active and retired NFL football players.”

Dr. Nelson Vetanze BS, DC, CCEP (Former official Denver Broncos Chiropractor)

“L-Arginine Complete is a vital part of the neuropathy treatment protocol we use in my practice every day. We are able to measure improvement in their peripheral circulation, and patients love that they can see the results. Patient compliance is very high with this product, and it allows them to maintain the results we’ve achieved with their treatment. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about treating peripheral neuropathy in their office.”

Jonathan Walker DC - President, Neuropathy Elite

“At age 47 with a family history of cardiovascular disease my normal blood pressure was starting to climb to 140/90. I started taking L-Arginine Complete and the results have been amazing. My blood pressure is normal at 120/66 and I take it every week and it stays right around that pressure. I cannot keep this product in stock. I put my patients on it mainly for blood pressure and neuropathy issues and the results are amazing. This is the only natural supplement that I have taken that I can tell it is actually working.”

Daren Bowlby DC

“I couldn’t imagine our clinic without L-Arginine Complete. The relief from pain and numbness of neuropathy that my patients experience is life changing. The great thing is that the patients enjoy the flavor of the drink and come back every month for more. I highly recommend this product.”

Cory Frogley DC - Co Founder - Integrated Wellness

“There is too much research and too many clinical cases proving the positive effects of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline to be ignored any longer. The power of L-Arginine Complete is absolutely amazing.”

Dr. Brandon Nielsen

People with cardiovascular disease produce lower than normal levels of nitric oxide that may account for decreases in blood flow and a decreased capacity of blood vessels to dilate. Now we know that even the low amounts of NO produced are tightly bound to glycosylated hemoglobin. Not surprisingly, when HbA1c is elevated, the NO that is present in red blood cells is not easily released to promote vasodilation. This may account, in part, for very low blood flow to the nerves of the feet and, thus to the symptoms of DPN.

L-arginine, the source of NO is released from proteins and small peptides in the small intestine and is then absorbed, along with other amino acids into the circulation from which it is delivered to every cell in the body. Some L-arginine is metabolized for NO synthesis and some is used for protein synthesis. In endothelial cells, the small cells that make up capillaries and line every blood vessel and lymph duct in the body, L-arginine can be converted to NO. The NO diffuses into the smooth muscle cells that surround the endothelial lining of blood vessels cells causing a biologic chain of events that lead to smooth muscle cell relaxation. This results in more blood flow to the tissues. Tissues that are hypoxic (deprived of good, normal circulation) can not produce as much NO as do normal, well-oxygenated tissues. Thus an initial period of hypoxia leads to declines in NO production and less and less blood flow over time, a vicious cycle to say the least. It is no wonder that diabetes is a progressive disease with wounds, kidney, heart, and eye disease becoming worse and worse over time. ”

Thomas Burke Ph.D


Within a couple of weeks, I started noticing an amazing change. I am a very active cycling competitor who has won 18 state and national cycling championships. I hold both national and numerous state time trial records. Rosie has also won numerous cycling and triathlon titles. I keep meticulous records of my training, which include monitoring and recording my heart rate during workouts and competition. For the same level of effort, I discovered that using L-Arginine, my heart rates were running much lower for the same effort. How do I keep breaking records? The answer is L-Arginine Complete!

Sandy Scott - National Champion Cyclist

This is really working for me! I would highly recommend it to everyone having severe pain. I feel less pain these days.

Michael Kontz

“I go to the Doctor every month because I am terminally ill. I am on the liver transplant list and also have diabetes. The Doctors worry about my High Blood Pressure and how it can effect my illness. But I am happy to say that after being on L-Arginine Complete for 3 months I now have healthy blood pressure levels averging around 118/70. Three months ago before starting L-Arginine Complete I averaged 142/93. This is Dynamite. I have the blood pressure of a strapping young man and I have L-Arginine Complete to thank for it.”

Rick Smith

Great Taste, Excellent Absorption, It provides me with more energy for my workouts. Faster recover between sets, which helps me maximize my workout time in the gym. Keep up the great work.”

Steven Rosenberg

David: “Since being on L-Arginine Complete my blood pressure is better than it has ever been. It is great. My lifting is great even at my age of 66, I am blowing the kids away and they cannot understand it. I just keep telling them “L-Arginine Complete” and have sent them all to your website. My pulse is at a very healthy and normal rate and in only one month I have been able to cut my blood pressure medications in half. I am looking forward to cutting them out completely. My Blood pressure has gone from a hypertension stage of 150/90 to a very normal rate of 119/60.”


Sylivia: “My husband David and I could not be more excited and happy about the results we are seeing with L-Arginine Complete. I was surprised to see I have been losing inches of fat and building muscle. I am wearing and buying clothes in sizes I have not worn for years. This is great!”

David & Sylvia

“I  have had severe leg and foot pain and cramps every night for 20 years because of my poor circulation. My first night on Neuropathy Relief they were gone.  I have been on the product for 2 months now and I can report that I am leg and foot cramp and pain free.  To me this is a gift and you have a customer for life.”

Edith Martin

“I was informed by my Life Insurance agent that my Cholesterol test results came in at 270 which was high risk. A friend recommended L-Arginine Complete and after just one month on the product my cholesterol level has dropped dramatically to 160 which is well within Healthy Desirable Ranges. Nothing has changed in my diet or daily routine except for adding L-Arginine Complete. These are amazing results and I am proof that this product really works.”


“Many of our patients come to us with neuropathy or numbness of the extremities mainly due to diabetes. We have found that putting them on a daily regimen of Neuropathy Relief allows them to start to feel again in those areas of the body where the neuropathy has set in.  It is an amazing product that we recommend to everyone, especially those with poor circulation.”

Dr. Brandon Nielsen